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Create a personalized car insurance policy and calculate your premium online here. Whether comprehensive or partial collision damage coverage, you benefit from affordable premiums, flexible one-year policies and top service in the event of a claim from our 26 Help Points or in a Zurich partner garage.

At a glance

  • Tailor your car insurance to suit your personal needs
  • Flexible one-year policies and fast assistance in the event of a claim
  • Affordable premiums for comprehensive coverage and partial collision damage – calculate online now
  • 20% eco bonus on liability and collision coverage premiums (comprehensive or partial collision damage coverage) for vehicles using alternative fuels (electric, bi-fuel, ethanol, LPG or hybrid)
  • 10% discount on your collision coverage premium if you select the Help Point PLUS option
  • 10% new car discount on the premium for comprehensive or partial collision damage coverage when the policy is taken out in the first two years of using the vehicle
  • 10% discount on liability and collision damage coverage premiums and 5% bonus on partial collision damage premiums for compact and mini MPVs

In detail

Zurich Connect offers personalized, simple and affordable car insurance whether comprehensive coverage, partial collision damage coverage, obligatory liability coverage or attractive supplements.


  • Liability insurance is required by law
  • It covers property damage and bodily injury that you inflict on others with your insured vehicle
  • Bonus protection possible at the lowest bonus level

Partial collision damage

  • Your vehicle is insured against theft, fire and natural hazards
  • The standard coverage also includes vandalism (excluding paint scratches), collisions with animals and glass damage
  • Optional extra coverage includes marten damage, vandalism (including paint scratches) and damage to small glass parts (e.g. headlights)

Collision damage, comprehensive insurance

  • Collision damage insurance covers damage sustained by your own vehicle in a collision
  • This coverage plus partial collision damage coverage equals comprehensive insurance
  • At the lowest bonus level, you can integrate bonus protection

Passenger accident insurance

  • You work out individual benefits that Zurich Connect will pay in the event of death or disability due to an accident
  • This insurance covers the medical expenses incurred in the five years following the date of the accident

Optional car insurance supplements

  • Choose coverage based on your needs: bonus protection, protection in the event of gross negligence, coverage for losses or damages caused while parked, insurance for travel effects
  • Choose Help Point PLUS and save 10% on your collision coverage premium (repairs must be done at one of our trusted Zurich partner garages)

Good to know

  • Your car insurance from Zurich Connect gives you access to a free, unparalleled nationwide claims service at our 26 Help Points or in a Zurich partner garage
  • Your driver and vehicle licensing office is one click away: click here for a list of all cantons
  • Switch easily to Zurich Connect with our letter of termination

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